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The dark, twisted versions of a curse placed on a group of Humans. The Aquaticas, or Merpeople in simple terms, are fish and human.


Two Aquaticas as what most commonly look like.

The Aquaticas are seen as dark beings in some cases, however, Godfree has allowed them to come into the city as long as they do not attack. These people are as you'd expect a normal mermaid/merman to look, they have long fish tails, but rarely their blood can become more potent, making them turn into much more fish-like people in their entire appearance.

An Aquaticas with more potent blood.

Basic Abilities[]

The Aquaticas were magically created, and therefore they have some light magical abilities.

- Water Magic: The most basic abilities of the Aquaticas, being at Apprentice level when they are born, and can train more in the magic. (Aquaticas CANNOT use Ice Spells, as this affects their ability to absorb moisture.)

- Swimming: Aquaticas being mostly fish-like, are able to swim fast and move very well with currents.

- Mapping: Being people of the water, Aquaticas can sense ripples in the water. Be it people getting in, people swimming, or another fish species moving about.


- Breathing (Both): Breathing can be good or bad, in this case (unlike Mali/Elves, and Humans) Aquaticas cannot breathe for over half an hour above water, but can survive forever under water.

- Ice and Fire Magic (Weakness): Aquaticas are weak to Ice and Fire magic, due to them both blocking the Aquaticas from absorbing the moister they need to survive.

- Poaching/Fishing (Weakness): Fishers and hunters want to kill these creatures either for their scales or for their meat.

- Water Adaptation (Strength): Aquaticas are able to adapt to any watery environment, but it warm or cool water, dark or light.

- Swimming (Strength): Aquaticas being mostly fish-like, are able to swim fast and move very well with currents.


Due to being magically inclined and created, these creatures have a rather long and prosperous lifespan. They normally live to around 500 or so and come of age at around 20.


A depiction of the dark, and powerful, Trident-Holder.

Most Aquaticas are supporters of a powerful, dark deity of magical potential. A Lord of Water and Ice magic, the ice used to punish the Aquaticas who disobey his will and commands! His name? They simply call him the Trident-Holder, but his true name is unknown.