Storm Field Wiki

Poltergeist Forest[]

This forest might very well be the darkest thing on the Mainland. It is home to ghostly begins that haunt the forest, some even say the trees themselves are possessed by evil, vengeful spirits. In this forest lies the Cavern of Depths as well (listed later). The power of this forest affects people in strange ways sometimes… no one knows what it can do to them. But people do believe there are vengeful spirits in that forest.

Desert of Wars[]

This sandy area lies between Lastwallow and the Nim Ulum Mountains, making it hard to get to either of those places if people try. This Desert, like the Desert of Dunes, is home to evil, spiteful creatures ready to attack, along with the heat and cold of day and night baring down.

Nim Ulum Mountains[]

The Mountains bordering the Dwarven city of Nim Ulum.

Swamp of Willows[]

A swamp of weeping willow trees, and murky water, not to mention Witches and swamp hags along the trees. Swamp gases can have effects on the people who dare to enter as well.


Simply the mass plains that cross around the Mainland.

Cavern of Depths[]

Ravenous Split of Earth filled with Mythical Creatures and Monsters, guarded by Vonia and Emverius. It is held within the Poltergeist Forest.