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There are many different types of centaurs but the most common type is the horse. The Centaurs appearance may vary on what animal your bottom half is, however, the general idea is to have the top (torso and up) human or elf and the bottom the proper steed. However, there are many centaurs that have antlers like deer centaurs and moose centaurs, though they are quiet rare. If one is a deer or moose centaur, both genders have antlers due to the fact that is a form of their protection and mating rituals as they are a form of beauty and violence.


They are much agiler then commons as well as their mind. They are usually very intelligent of the forest and such.


Their bottom half. They cannot do everything as their normal human or elf counterparts.

How Centaurs Came To Be

Centaurs believe that they are the children of Lixion, King of the Lapiths, and Nephele, a cloud nymph.


Centaurs come from Greek Myth, and follow that religion.