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Appearance: Constellations usually take the appearance of normal animals, though they hypothetically can take form as anything. Constellations in the human realm only have one form.

Abilities: Constellations can use druidic magic, choose who hears them speak, and can speak to most humans and animals. Constellations also have a very minor power based off of which god or goddess they serve.

Weaknesses: Using their powers to attack is punishable by their God/dess, even in self-defense they are punished (though the punishment is lightened). They are weak to dark magic. They can't change form at will in the human realm, they get one and are stuck with it till they die.

Backstory: Constellations have been around since the gods have and have acted as their helpers for some time. Each god has a constellation helper and most stay in the divine ream, but there are a rare few who venture down to the human realm. Once a constellation’s mortal body fails their spirit goes back to the divine realms and back to their god. 

Religion, if any specific to the race: Constellations worship the God/dess they serve under.