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Emverius - Dominion of Elves[]

Emverius Map.png

The great Elven Dominion of Emverius was formed long ago, when Elves and Humans both were first placed here on his plain. Humans and Elves (as explained in Vonia lore) split themselves from each other, going separate directions. The Elves, going East, settled down with each other in peace. Some Dark Elves, more tribal in nature, left to the North to settle in their own village. The rest of the Elves began to form Emverius (‘Peace’ in Elvish), and decided on a Council-based government. In which six Elves, 2 from each race, would control the government and run it as based on their laws and beliefs. The Wood Elves created a district of their own, growing massive trees with small housing hanging off the thick, strong branches.

The High Elves have built a marble and quartz city of their own in a way, with their housing being large, manor-like houses for each of them.

And, finally, the Dark Elves decided to create brick housing (like small houses in Godfree’s housing district), and love in those for the time being, unless they decide otherwise.

It has been a few hundred years now, and the houses and districts are still the same to this day.