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Ent - Tree Masters (Unplayable)

"Boom. Boom. Boom. That's all we heard as we chopped at the trees. Boom. Boom. Crunch. Next thing I know, I see a head roll out of the forest next to me. The Tree Protectors came." - More Than Druids

Ent History

Creation: The creation of the ents is known by Wood Elves and those who study the forests. The Ents- or 'Tree People'- were created by a Goddess known as Ycena, the Goddess of Life and Time. She is known to be a protector and caregiver of the forests, flora, and fauna of the world we know. The Myth's state that her husband, Okeyar the God of Agriculture, was in disarray when a legion of Dwarves trampled over the massive field of crops his children, the Wood Elves, had grown. Okeyar became depressed and saddened, and due to this, the crops would not yield next season. Ycena knew this would cause pain and famine, so with her divine powers, she fashioned a guardian of life... a Master of the forests and crops of the world, to protect from the dark, evil beings like Dwarves.

Ent new design

These creatures (pictured to the right) become known to our world as Ents, and to this day, they still protect the forests...


The appearance of the Tree People is just as the name suggests. They are tall, normally around 9-10 feet tall creatures with bark for skin, and hair of leaves and branches. (Pictured.)


The Ents are powerful creatures, not magical in any way... but:

- Strength: The Tree People possess immense and great strength, strong enough to most likely break down Godfree's walls!

- Height: Due to their size, they can easily just step over small walls of minor settlements like Afallean or Umo Taesi.

- Communication: Because they are children of Ycena and Okeyar, they are able to speak with flora and fauna, and hear them in return.

- Sense: Whilst in the forests, Ents are able to sense the movement of non-woodland creatures.