Storm Field Wiki

The Curse[]

The Forest of Time Bent is known, and named, for its curse beyond all else. The curse was said to be the product of a powerful war between Dragons and Demons, which both used their great and powerful magic to devastate the other side.

Due to this magic influx, the trees began to take it in and become more... corrupted. To this day, the magic is so powerful that is has not completely run its path through the trees and has cursed the forest. The Forest, since the war, has a time-bending influx to it. In which, if a person was to enter the forest, they would be pushed through time, pulled back through it, twisted into different parts of the forest... and would be lost forever.

Getting Out[]

So far, there is only one known way out of the forest. A Paladin was once stuck inside for three years (outside time), and eventually just sat there, begging and praying for her God, Ycena, to allow her to leave.

Divine Influence is the only known way out.