Storm Field Wiki

Mind Magic[]

Mind Magic is a powerful magic in good or evil hands. It was one of the first magicks said to be gifted to Mortals by Sekhem Solus to test if mortal beings could handle it. With this power, you could end up having much influence in any settlement…

Basic Spells[]

Listen (Novice):

The Mage has barely even begun to practice, and must focus rather hard to hear thoughts. They can only hear the most forefront thoughts, and may not probe deeper at this point.

Thoughts (Apprentice):

The Mage has begun to figure out how to use the magic further, and is now able to concentrate and hear deeper thoughts, not just those at the forefront. [In order to do this, you and the person being listened too must roll a d20, if you win you can hear, if they win they notice someone else in their head with them.]

Telepathy (Apprentice-Caster):

The Mage is now attempting to project his/her thoughts to others’ minds. At Apprentice level it not only takes more time and effort/mana, but the words are whispers and rather unclear. By the time they reach Caster Level in this magic, the Mage is able to clearly project words to another mind.

Control (Lord):

This is what the Mage has wanted… for this entire time… they’ve finally mastered a way to control weak-minded beings! Undead, Animals, and possibly humans can be willed to do what you wish! [To control a humanoid, you must roll a d20 against them. If you get higher they are under your control until you decide to release them, if they get higher they notice they are being charmed and your spell doesn’t work.]

Offensive Spells[]

[NONE - Mind Magic is not a fighting magic. ]

Defensive Spells[]

Blockade (Caster): The Mage is able to put up sort of firewalls around their mind, blocking other from entering. [For you to enter a blocked mind, you must roll a d20 against the other person. If you roll higher, you’re in. If you roll lower, the blocked mind will notice someone trying to enter.]

Headache (Master):

[Can only be done of someone attempts to enter your mind!] The Mage can retaliate against someone entering and cause them to have a headache, this requires many years of practice due to the force and mana needed to redirect a mana flow from one to another.