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Nekos (Nekojin//Cat People)

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The Nekos are human-cat hybrids. They have cat ears coming from their head, rather than Human ears on their side. They also have tails coming from their backsides.


The only difference between Neko's and Human's are basically the same, besides the ears and tail, however touching the ears or tail of a Neko is extremely intimate:

"Humans have a rather diverse appearance, their height can range from around 4'8" to 6'5". Their eyes can range to any color (mostly blue, green, hazel, and brown). They don't have much of a preference on certain clothing, as stated very diverse. Hair can range from all sorts of base colors... blonde, white, ginger/red, black... but it's almost never seen with full saturation to it." - Human Appearance


Like the appearance, Human and Neko religion is very diverse and different for each person. One person might pray to a god of chaos, while one sacrifices animals to a god of knowledge, another endless scheme of things on the Human spectrum! (Check Deities page for gods and goddesses.)


Neko Pic.jpg

Humans and Neko's age much slower than Elves, and a bit slower than Dwarves. They normally hit puberty/coming of age, at around 15-17. Males are normally sent to become warriors or such, but that's starting to change to a more broader spectrum of "Do whatever." Females tend to, around this age, become trained in medicine and cooking more, though it's not unheard of for them to join with males in the armies of the continent.


Neko's are slightly different that Human's. Obviously they have ears atop their heads and tails from their backside, and cat ears at that, but they are also much more agile and nimble that normal Human's, as they posses the qualities of some cats. Some are known to lick their tail clean rather than washing the sensitive part with soap and water.