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Vonia - The Empire of the Mainland[]


Vonia is, and has always been, the main human settlement of the Mainland. Humans and Elves were the first to settle on this massive continent, and therefore they got into skirmishes often. Eventually, they both tired of battling, and set off in different directions… Humans went South, and settled down in a hillish area at the coast that they deemed Vonia (meaning ‘Hill’ in Celestial), and decided to make this their home. Over many years, the town developed as a beautiful metropolis. Now it is regarded as the trade hub and community hub of the Mainland!


Oh where to begin...


The Castle of Vonia! A massive, stone brick structure with four towers, a courtyard, and a main keep. The King of Vonia (currently Fetnar) and family lives here.

Gates (All Gates)

The large gates of Vonia, most certainly stating they are a metropolis. They look big enough for a dragon to fit through! (The chat represents ALL gates in Vonia, due to the many of them.)


Also known as the noble housing, this is where Nobles of Vonia rest, eat, and live in general.


This is the houses of the Human citizens of Vonia. It's rare to see a non-Human living in these homes.


Think Rust District. This is the place where the poverty-stricken come to live and dwell. Most "petty" (miners, lumberjacks) workers live and work in some cases.


A temple to each God of the pantheon, excluding Emenar, lies in the town.

Market Plaza

The massive bustling markets of Vonia! Vonia has a hell of a lot of trade activity.


These are the shops surrounding the market/plaza, these are the actual buildings of shops.


The Docks, where ships depart to Storm Field or elsewhere, and fishermen fish for money.



Waking of the Two Children

On year 1-001, the very first year of the entire world, Dendros the creator of the people, awoke Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. The Elves and Humans attempted to settle nearby each other, but ended up moving away.


Around year 1-003, the Humans decided on a final place for their settlement, and began building Vonia.

The Famine

Year 1-010 was a hard year for the growing city. Farms didn't yield this year, due to the anger of two of the gods, and this caused a famine of people in this city.


Upon reaching year 1-050, Vonia had begun to grow immensely, and other cities took notice. Trade with the entire mainland was opened.

Evil King Dead!

Year 1-100 saw the death of the 2nd, and most evil, King.

Storm Field Taken

Year 1-157 saw the departing/arrival of Elves on Storm Field island. This magical island was taken by humans and then Elves raided their town and made it new.