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Created By: Ahem (Hanmi)


In werecat form, they are like a humanoid cat. Some can be of a lynx, tiger, lion, etc. Fur covers their body and they have the same features as their animal counterpart.


Can turn into a werecat on a full moon or solar eclipse and bite others which turns them into a werecat.


Gold. Just like how werewolves feel immense pain to silver, werecats feel burning pain from gold.


Increased speed, accuracy, sight, smell, strength, and hearing when in werecat form. In normal form they are faster then their regular species and can see and hear better; however, they cannot hear past walls. The ability boost isn’t that strong.

How Werecats Came To Be:

The werecats came to be when a Neko and a werewolf came together. The child was harshly discriminated against because it was just... wrong. The child of the Neko and werewolf was not a werecat, but it bit another and that victim became a werecat. Ever since then, if another werecat bit another, the victim became a werecat. In werecat form, it was more common to transfer, but in normal form, it is rare for the other to become a werecat.


The religion varies from one to another as there is no specific one to the race.