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Xiqilz (Shadow Walkers)[]

"No one knew what they were, but they were dark... evil... spiteful!" - The Unknown Race


Dark skinned in some way, between a tanned caucasian to black. Their eyes range from black, silver, or yellow, sometimes red, never purple, blue, or green. In some cases, these people are known to have multi-colored eyes. Hair ranges from all sorts of colors, from generations it differs, but mostly seems to have either black, blonde, dull green, or silver. They wear all sorts of clothing, depending on their personality and style, there is no set clothing type for them. They can also look Elven or human (in their ears).


Xiqilz’s can naturally use (caster level) shadow magic, as is revealed why in their origins. (Must train to Master and Lord if they want.) They have the inherent ability to switch into a form known as the ‘Shadowvale,’ which is a form that allows the Xiqilz to become a pure shadow, unable to be struck or strike others, simply there. They can come in and out of this form.


Being made from reshaped souls taken by Emenar, they are naturally weak to Holy Magic, however other weaknesses depend on their life.


Xiqilz are creations of pure shadow-spirits (Souls taken by Emenar and changed to make a new soul) and therefore they commonly live in the Shadowfell, the realm of Emenar. But some are known to linger elsewhere...


Depends, most Xiqilz are grateful to Emenar for making them, but might not worship him. Some, on the other hand, admire and praise him.